BlokPak® 3000 Transfer System

Marathon's BlokPak® 3000 Transfer System is another innovative product for high volume processing
of municipal solid waste for transfer to the landfill. The powerful compaction force produces maximum
payloads at an affordable price. The system compacts waste against a gate in a compaction chamber
forming 8-10 foot long logs. The logs are then ejected into a transfer trailer. After the trailer is full, the
waste can continue to be processed waste while changing trailers saving valuable time.


• The BlokPak® 3000 is capable of processing more than 90 tons per hour (continuous). It fits nicely into existing transfer station facilities or for new construction with minimal site preparation.

• The BlokPak® 3000 can be installed in existing over-the-top transfer station facilities. At these facilities,
the compactor is fed with a front-end loader off of a tipping floor. It can also be configured for conveyor feed or direct dump applications.

• The refuse is fed into the large 100"L x 86"W x 91" clear top (feed) opening. The packing ram compresses
the waste into the compaction chamber against a vertical steel gate. The gate remains closed while the ram
is cycling forming a dense log of refuse. When the desired log length has been reached, the vertical gate raises and the ram pushes the log into the transfer trailer.

• Once the trailer has reached maximum payload, the trailer is replaced with an empty trailer. The ram penetrates into the trailer 60" (5 ft.). This is assures a clean break-a-way when the trailer is full. Since the gate is closed, the BlokPak® 3000 can continue to cycle and process waste while the trailer is being replaced to ensure quick turnaround times.
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Specifications :
Dimensional Data:
Structure Size: 53'-6"L x 10'-6"W x 17'-5"H (16307 mm x 3200 mm x 5309 mm)
Charge Box: 100"L x 78"W x 95"H (2540 mm x 1981 mm x 2413 mm)
Block-Forming Chamber: 107"L x 78"W x 79"H (2718 mm x 1981 mm x 2007 mm)

Performance Data
Ram Cylinder Size: 10" (254mm)
Ram Force: 235,600 lbs. (1048 kN)
Ram Pressure: 36 psi. (248.2 kN)
Output Rate: Up to 90 TPH (continuous) (81,648 kg/hr)
Output Log Size: 78"W x 79"H x Variable Length (1981 mm x 2007 mm x variable)
Ram Penetration: 60" into trailer (1524mm)

Maximum System Pressure: 3000 psi. (207bar)
Main Cylinder Stroke: 288" (7315mm)
Main Pump Flow: 200 gpm - regenerative (757 L/min)
Reservoir Capacity: 400 gallons (1514 liters)
Oil Cooler: Air to Oil

Main Control Panel: UL Listed, 120 VAC
Main Motor: 100 hp (74.57 kW)
Main Voltage: 460 VAC, 3 Phase (others available)
Controls: Programmable controller permits automatic and manual control.