4 wheeled MGB 660/770/1100
• Ergonomically designed easy grip handles on all sides of the container for safe
  and easy manoeuvring, even when operators are wearing thick rubber gloves
• Handles and grips can be replaced in any colour
• Large,reinforced lifting trunnions with steel insert ensure increased stability and
  safety when lifting, even when the container if fully loaded
• Smooth surfaces and rounded internal corners facilitate cleaning
• Certified according EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1, the highest quality standard
• The specially developed rim with its double angle rail guarantees the highest
  safety during emptying with RAL GZ 951/1
• Optionally available with foot pedal for easy opening

• Areas where large amounts of waste arise

• Residential and commercial areas with higher density

• General waste (Green)

• Clinical waste (Yellow)
• Hazardous waste (Red)