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Tennant’s Green Machines 500ze Electrical Street Sweeper allows any-time
cleaning in public areas

• Increase productivity by sweeping non-stop for up to eight hours without charging the batteries
• Minimise environmental impact with sweeper power provided by two lithium ion battery packs to    eliminate engine gas emissions
• Quietly sweep anywhere at any time with lithium ion battery packs powering the street sweeper

  Key machine features of the Green Machines 500ze Electrical Street Sweeper

• CloudMaker technology and three-stage dust filtration clean and protect the environment while using up to 70%
   less water than traditional street sweepers
• Lithium ion batteries provide eight hours of continuous sweeping and then recharge in four hours to improve
• Top speed of 15mph / 25kph allows the 500ze to move swiftly between sweep areas while providing a smooth
   ride with four-wheel suspension system

  Choose the ideal options to customise the Green Machines 500ze Electrical Street Sweeper

• Colour closed-circuit television (CCTV) reverse camera allows operator to see obstacles behind the sweeper to improve    safety as the sweeper moves in reverse
• On-board pressure washer blasts debris away in hard-to-reach spaces
• Air-conditioned cab provides for operator comfort and reduces fatigue in hot weather conditions
• More options available on request

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