uses only high-quality materials for the production and
manufacture for their range of exceptional litter bins:

    • Stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 430
    • Galvanized & powder coated sheet steel
    • Material thickness ranging from 1.25 to 6 mm

Design for which functionality and robust construction are crucial
criteria, while at the same time offering an attractive design as well as
unmistakeable characteristics.

Our high-quality stainless steel litter bins are weatherproof,
vandalismresistant, easy to empty and to maintain with standard
non-acid cleaning agents.

The elegant, functional stainless steel Temptation boxes
(Quality 1.4301/AISI 304) High safety standard waste bins are particularly
needed for elaborately designed and very busy, roofed public areas like
airports railway stations, fairs, stadiums or hospitals.These are requirements
perfectly fulfilled by our Temptation series with its fire-protectionsystem
(certified by Linz Fire Protection Institute).
Patented and certified fire protection A self-extinguishing effect is causedby a combination of funnel-shaped drop
openings with sealed metal inner containers. The special
internal design does not allow the temperature at and
below the casing to rise.

The original reusable material container – a well-known classic
They have proven very successful in their long years of being used by
the Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail). Be it as the freestanding variant or
as the space saving wall version, be it for covered locations (B models) or
for outdoors (R models), different designs from simple collecting with
an 80-l volume to waste sorting of up to 4 fractions are fitting for any location.
    • All visible outer walls are made of stainless steel by default
      (Quality 1.4301/AISI 304) or on request also of galvanized steel sheets
      and RAL colour coated.
    • The galvanized interior containers will slide out far when opening their      
      doors. The waste bags can easily be exchanged now.
    • All boxes are equipped with an integrated theft-proof ashtray or a flat cover.
    • Strikingly printed large side plates with those containers featuring            
      advertising and colourfully marked filling apertures or doors facilitate
      easy handling for the user.
The Kendo containers – veritable heavyweights
    • structural supporting curved exterior walls, connected to solid, flat side frames
    • extra reinforced curved door incl. welded hinges
    • doors with retaining cross-sections that shall prevent overstretching
    • reinforced roof design tightly connected to the frame structure
    • insertion sheets with reinforcing profiles, welded to the roof structure
    • side frames, front and back panel, floor assembly having sheets
      being 2.0 to 3.0 mm thick
    • inner container made of zinc plated sheet steel, sealed with sanitary silicon,
      for models with a volume of 60 to 90 l
    • catch basin (3 l) made of zinc plated sheet steel, sealed with sanitary silicon,
      for models with a volume of 120 l and bag holder
Wipe, and it’s gone.
    • A second coating, oven-hardened at 200 degrees
    • Smearings are removed practically residue-free, without any
      aggressive detergents, with a cloth only .
    • Stickers are removed much easier
This product series is particularly suited for application in the city,
on the street, in pedestrian zones or in green
    • made from 2 mm thick stainless steel (quality 1.430 1/AISI 304)
    • available as a suspension or a pedestal model, also in different
      ashtray variants all
    • models have been equipped with zinc plated inner containers and
      can be equipped with a waste bag
    • only the pedestal model (type 60832) with a 120 l volume has been
      equipped with a waste bag holder An elegant and high-quality solution